#HaikuHipster began in August 2013 as an exercise in creative discipline and continued uninterrupted through early 2016. Each day’s haiku is posted to facebook, ello, twitter and tumblr, which, on more than one occasion, inspired unexpected responses and engagement over social networks.

At the start, I remember thinking ‘If I can’t find the time to write 17 lousy syllables each day – they don’t even need to rhyme – maybe I don’t deserve to call myself a writer’. 17 lousy syllables” are more challenging than they sound… then after a year, thoughts seemed to come in 17 syllable segments by default. I began playing with the 7-9-7 ‘extended’ format and the hashtag #Haikuza following a 2014 trip to Japan.

A book is coming.

BTW, 5-7-5 is not now, nor was it ever an ironclad rule. Forget almost everything they told you about haiku in the 1st grade…
they just wanted to teach you syllables (not even they know why) and the true haiku was an innocent bystander, as the arts so often are in US public education. You should definitely track down your former elementary school teacher, insist they regrade your work, and ask it be attached to your permanent record.